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Data Center, Computer Room,
Server and IDF Room Maintenance

No matter the space, we can get the job done. 

Raised Floor Vacumming & Cleaning

Equipment & Fixture Cleaning

Disaster Mitigation & Restoration

Keep dust and debris from entering equipment and/or fire suppression sensors with raised floor cleaning.


Before any cleaning is performed, we confirm if a fire detection system, it is disabled. Minimal floor tiles will be removed as we carefully vacuum the sub floor, leaving the cabling and hardware intact and undisturbed.


The concrete sub floor, pedestals and stringers will be wiped down as needed, and we will clean the perforated floor panels. All panels will be returned to their proper location.  Finally,  we will vacuum the entire top of the floor, as well as under all accessible equipment and fixtures.

All equipment, fixtures, CRT’s, keyboards, light fixtures, cages, HVAC units, racks and air intake and return vents will be vacuumed and/or cleaned. Special care will be taken around any control panels and live keyboards. All of the cleaning products Mainframe uses are biodegradable and rated for use in computer environments.

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