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Mainframe can provide a thorough and complete proposal for your data center maintenance once we have inspected your facility.

In order to design a proper cleaning program, each facility area needs to be evaluated to determine what needs to be done to bring the facility up to proper cleaning standards. 


The amount of facility activity will determine the frequency of each type of cleaning - generally, the plenum floor should be vacuumed once each year.


If the facility has construction work, the plenum floor should be vacuumed after the work is completed. In some high-traffic facilities or facilities that have a large number of printers, the plenum floor should be cleaned two or three times each year. 


The cleaning of the floor tiles and equipment should be cleaned on an as-needed basis.  Once they have been cleaned, Mainframe can monitor the facility and advise on the proper frequency. We will maintain your facility in a clean and safe manner that is aesthetically pleasing to both your employees and visitors. Our objective is to provide the cleaning of dirty areas, as they are needed - not to re-clean the clean areas for the sake of making a profit. We will never waste your money by providing or recommending services that not needed.


There are other considerations in designing the proper program for your facility.

  • Will the janitors empty the trash daily?

  • What procedures will be performed by the regular janitorial service in between Mainframe cleanings?

  • If they damp mop, are they using clean sponge mops and clean water?

  • Are they using the proper type of cleaning products?

  • If they are using a dust mop, are they pushing the dust and debris over the perforated panels, falling through the holes in the panel?

  • Are they using a chemically-treated dust mop that will leave a residue on the floor panels or make the floor slippery?


There are very few cleaning procedures that need to be done in a computer facility on a daily basis. Mainframe can help you design a cleaning program for these types of concerns. 


Custom Maintenance Programs

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